Surprise Styled Bridal Shoot!

Two brides with amazing makeup and hair

Surprise Styled Bridal Shoot

A couple of Tuesdays ago I was looking out of my window pondering something along the lines of how quiet it’s been the last few days, and wondering what will put a stop to the lull.

Then my phone rang.

It was a lovely but slightly frantic woman asking if we might be free for a styled bridal shoot? 

I said we probably would be. When?

About half one? 

The lady’s name is Safinah and she runs an outstanding bridal boutique in Kensington called Blush and Ivory, which is just around the corner from Kizzy and I. Along with two models, a hair stylist and a makeup artist, she had arranged a styled shoot and their photographer had ghosted them on the day! 

I don’t know who that photographer was but I hope he’s alright, and thank him for the opportunity because it turned out to be a fantastic shoot with great people, stunning wedding dresses, amazing models, an enormously talented hair stylist and an amazing makeup artist (details for everyone at the end).

We are delighted to share these images with you.

Many thanks to everyone involved:










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