8 Reasons To Have an Engagement Photo Shoot

Engaged couple with engagement ring and heart.

1. To Celebrate Your Engagement!

You might have had a traditional proposal – one of you went down on one knee, pulled out a ring, and popped the question.  If so, it’s a moment you’ll tell people about, over and over again (we once got asked at a comedy show, but that’s another story!) 

The point is, it’s a moment in your life that you usually can’t wait to share, and photography gives your family and friends the visual storytelling that accompanies the story you’ll also tell and want to remember years into your marriage.

2. You’ll have professional photos before the wedding


If you’re anything like most couples, you probably only have selfies that you’ve taken (whilst on holiday?)  Or maybe phone images that your friends have taken at other people’s events; but perhaps you’d like to have some say in how you might be photographed?  And selfies take sooooo long to get right.  That’s where a professional photographer comes in!

3. You can use your images before the wedding


Whilst we’re not sure that we utilise as many Save the Dates with images of ourselves as our American cousins but this is one use for your engagement session photographs.   However, we have seen an increase in personalised wedding websites.  Matt and I went this route actually, and it made the wedding planning so much fun.  Especially writing each other’s bios!

It might also be nice to give some of your images to your family, especially parents or grandparents who would probably want to display them.

4. It’s an opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer


If you haven’t read our About Me page, or even if you have, you still don’t know what we’re like until you meet us. (I’m the funny one, no matter what Matt says).

It’s helpful to be able to spend one or two hours building your relationship with your photographer who is also getting to know how you interact, how you like to be photographed.  It’s always nice to greet a couple on their wedding day like we’re old friends.  This can really make a difference to the outcome of your wedding photos.

5.It’s an opportunity to get used to being in front of a camera together


Get ready to be shocked: nobody ever tells us “I love being photographed!”  Nobody.  Hasn’t happened – we’ll let you know when it does though.  For most of us who aren’t models, we can tell the difference between us and, “insert name of supermodel here”.  But the engagement session serves as a practice, a run-through, if you will.  Most people are so nervous about being photographed that their couples session is the part of the day they’re most nervous about, which is a shame because these are the photos you’ll look at for years.

Seriously though, when you have your couples session on your actual wedding day it can be rushed; there might be wedding day dramas you’re trying desperately to ignore, and you might also have an audience if some of your family members (or your children or pets!) might have wandered to a quiet spot with us!

6. You Can Discover Your Preferences

Do you want to have romantic and sweet, or dramatic and high-fashion images of you and your partner?  Candid, playful and fun photos or carefully posed?  Or a mix of both?  The choice of how you want to look in your photographs is so unique and personal to your personalities that it’s definitely worth thinking about – but you might not actually know. 

Imagine you were going to commission a traditional painted portrait of yourself.  You would definitely think about what to wear, how you’d wear your hair, and what mood you’d want to be conveyed.  It’s exactly the same for your couples session except you might think about who you are, as a couple, and ensuring that that comes across in your imagery.

7.It’s a chance to (Re)Connect with each other


Your engagement photography session is time for just you two.  You’re together with no distractions, somewhere meaningful to you. 

How can you not connect if you’re being photographed at the place you had your first date, or in the comfort of your home, or in a location that you both have always adored and want as a backdrop?  No phones, no audience, just you two.  And your photographers of course! 

8. It’s fun!

No it is!  You probably just got a gorgeous new ring that needs to be shown off in more than an Instagram photo.  And everyone wants to see your gorgeous, elated expressions of this moment where you are madly in love with each other.  Okay, you might have been together for 5 or 6 years and not technically in the honeymoon phase of your relationship but when you make that decision to commit to each other for life for a wedding or civil partnership ceremony.

If you’re mega-organised you might also book your session on a day when you’re having a hair and make-up trial, especially if it’s closer to the wedding.

Thanks for reading!

If you’d like to have an enagagement, or couple’s photoshoot, then do get in touch – we’re always delighted to have a chat.

And if you’re ready to book photography fro your wedding, check out our wedding photography collections too.

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