Good to meet you…

We love photography. For many years it filled what spare time we had whilst working as a nurse (Matt), and in social care (Kizzy) in London. Our work in care has long connected us to people, their stories, their emotions – and what a life-changing moment truly means.

These are the elements we harness and capture in our photography; elements that you will want to keep forever in the images we create with you. Take  a  look at our  collections  to see  for  yourself.

On this page we want to tell you about us, so here’s a snapshot of our loves and dislikes, outside of wedding photography (which we love best of all):

Matt is…

… a Cornishman who has lived in London more than half his life, and who was a nurse for a long time, but switched to become a full-time wedding photographer, a career move that, despite missing his patients, he is delighted to have made.

When Matt is not having a whale of a time shooting weddings, and making friends with  brides   and  grooms    to    be,   he   loves    wildlife   photography;

coffee;  all rich,  sweet  and  unhealthy foods;  The Simpsons;  Everton football club (although he is very happy to shoot the weddings of Liverpool FC supporters);  dogs;  his cat Jimmy;  books about history;   and Thailand.

On the other hand, Matt is not keen on people who stand on the ‘walk’ side of the escalator; romantic ‘comedies’; supermarkets; junk mail; and tube journeys (a wholly terrifying nightmare he avoids like the plague).

Kizzy is…

… a London girl who was a social worker working with young people and kids, before inserting herself beautifully into Matt Bolton Photography, creating Matt & Kizzy Wedding Photography.

When           she       is       not       miraculously       resolving        posing  details     that   Matt     sometimes     misses,    and    generally   being   awesome   behind   the  camera  at    weddings,     she      loves     watching  NCIS;    spreadsheets

(which   is   great   because   Matt   is  scared  of  them);  chips  (the  fried  potato  variety,  not  the  awesome  eighties  cop  show);  travel;     and     spending     eye     exploding    amounts     of     money    on    expensive    Japanese    diaries   (Hobonichi    anyone?)

It’s not an easy thing to come up with anything that annoys her as she is such a delightful person, but the extremely short list includes shoes in the hallway; the baffling absence of orderly bus queues in a country obsessed  with  queueing;    and milky tea.

We are…

… a happily married couple who remember our wedding day like it was yesterday. It was literally flawless and  something  that  encourages  us  to  create  wonderful  memories  for  other  brides  and  grooms. 

We believe deeply in love and friendship, and feel profoundly lucky to be included in some way in the union of others on their wedding days. It is a privilege we are enormously grateful for, and work passionately  to  excel  in.

We love what we do. We think of shooting a wedding as a collaboration between us and our couples to create something beautiful;  something that you can cherish deeply.

We’d love to hear from you

If you’re looking for impassioned photographers who can tell a story and capture moments that matter most,  I  hope  and  believe  that  you’ve  come  to  the  right people.

We’re based in London but, of course, we will travel anywhere worldwide to capture your wedding day and  help  you  create  a  stunning  memento  for  all  time. 

Get in touch by filling in our form, or via telephone or email – it’s all on our contact page.